Shame on Century West BMW

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Terrible dealership. Be careful. When buying a new car, they should have the upmost customer service and loyalty to the customer thereafter. Having owned many different BMWs for the past 15 years, in different states, I moved to Los Angeles and was looking to upgrade. I have worked with 8 different dealerships in the past however, they were all on the east coast. This was my first horrific experience with a BMW dealership. They bring shame to the BMW name. The sales representatives just throw you around and make you wait countless hours to purchase a car. In addition, the technicians are either clueless, or don't want to identify any issues. I brought the car in for simple repairs when I knew there was an issue. At all times, they either denied there being any problem or said I'd have to pay outrageous amounts because they claim it's not covered. After going to other BMW dealerships in the area like Beverly Hills or Santa Monica, they identified the issues immediately, gave me a car when I dropped mine off, and notified me when it was ready. Sometimes, they would come to my home with a temporary car for me and take mine for repairs. Furthermore, I bought my son a used BMW from them that was no longer after warranty. I bought the extends warranty offered by Warranty Solutions. This was the biggest mistake I could have made. The car had many issues and they wouldn't repair it within the first two weeks of purchasing it. Beyond that the warranty company denied almost all claims when it was brought to other BMW dealers. I would not recommend anyone go to Century West when looking to buy a BMW, nor try having any repairs or even scheduled maintenance performed there. I am saddened to say it was a horrible experience with BMW and only a few months later, I traded the car in at Santa Monica BMW. When I got a new one there, I had a much better experience. It really is a shame that such a great company that manufactures amazing automobiles has dealers like Century West. If anyone else had had such bad experiences with them , I would like to advise you not to be discouraged with BMW and find a better dealer. They truly are amazing cars and many people can be dissuaded from purchasing one after an experience with Century West. Please do not be!
General Sales Manager mr Joseph Malek is very very rude.i went there to buy BMW 535i used cars but they show me new BMW 535i asked me to test drive the car and then when I said I like to buy this car they told me i have to pay $4000 more then asking price... Never buy cars from this dealership.
General Sales Manager mr Joseph Malek is scam artistů.
They try to ripped me off big time !!! Lied about the
Value of a used car and it's value !!
Do not go there they will cheat you!!
Could be perhaps the worst dealership in Southern California . Stay away. Go anywhere else other dealers will take care of you...
Here we go again...never thought the day would come, but it did! BMW field tech has determined that the broken axle on my 2013 BMW M6, should not be covered under warranty. Here is the story, and what I am going to do about it. I would hope that all of us on this forum know what the car is capable of. I still remember the first time I drove the F12, I was at awe. The power band was amazing and you had no choice but to respect the car. I'm not going to waste time explaining what I personally think the car should be capable of doing or what the M division should stand by, but I believe something is seriously wrong with the way BMW and their dealerships deal with serious warranty situations. With all the setting turned to Sport Plus (as they should be), I accelerated when the stoplight I was stationary at turned green. Yes, I may have accelerated using the full power output of the car, I have done so before and intend to continue doing so as long as the streets are safe enough to do so and I am not putting anyone at risk. Am I the only person who enjoys feeling the power of the M6, I sure hope not. To my dismay, the rear axle came apart*. The car is unable to move using its powertrain. The car has no performance tune and no suspension mods, I purchased this vehicle about three months ago through the BMW lease transfer program (I had the car inspected prior to taking over the lease, and I am certain the previous driver had absolutely nothing to do with this problem). I have been driving with this car for a few months now with no problems, and expected any problems that would arise to be covered under warranty as long as it wasn't my fault. That is what I am trying to find out, was this my fault? Hard to believe I could break the parts without hitting a pothole or doing an insane burnout for minutes on end. I had the car towed to the nearest BMW dealership. Here is where it gets interesting. The first few conversations with my SA included carefully constructed sentences hinting to the fact that BMW was going to deny my warranty claim based on the premise that "abusive" driving was not covered under their warranty. After hearing this, I knew what to expect. After waiting for a a week for the field advisor to fly in from New Jersey, my SA called me and told me that they had analyzed the "shadow history," and that the party would not be covered under factory warranty due to "outside influence" -Technician found R/R output shaft came apart under aggressive load. Inspected by BMW engineer, reviewed data and determined this is a non-warrantable repair caused by outside influence. Replace R/R output shaft: $3139.00 +tax I asked what these "outside influences" where, but my SA did not have an answer, and neither did the floor manager. I called BMW warranty services in Ohio, and they pointed the finger back at the dealer. Sound familiar? The comical aspect of this story is that there was no accident involved, no pebble stuck anywhere (applause to the man who pursued his warranty claim and prevailed), and I wasn't driving on a track. I am very confused as to what they could possibly provide as an explanation to their warranty denial. I will go see the floor manager tomorrow morning, and I will ask once more to see any type of proof he may have been given or may have to offer. So far, the dealership has been very hesitant to reveal any information about what the field advisor has said, and they refuse to comment on a simple question such as, "do you think this vehicle is made to accelerate at a high rate of speed." Their response to such a simple answer reveals to me that something is not honest about this whole situation, and that is very disappointing considering the fact that this is the BMW M6 we are talking about...they just released the M6 GT3 for crying out loud, do they expect to bolster support for their outstanding performance and "sheer driving pleasure" through denying warranty claims on a M6 with 30,000 miles?
This dealership has caused me a great deal of trouble, not only have they denied my warranty claim because they say I have abused my car, they do not want to give me a reason why and keep pointing me toward BMW NA to seek more information. I would not recommend this dealership, while every dealership is in the business of making money, they take into consideration that the vehicles they are working on and the customers driving them require a little more attention than they would like to give. You would be smart to chose another local dealership, you will thank me later....
This dealership has caused me a great deal of trouble, not only have they denied my warranty claim because they say I have abused my car, they do not want to give me a reason why and keep pointing me toward BMW NA to seek more information. I would not recommend this dealership, while every dealership is in the business of making money, they take into consideration that the vehicles they are working on and the customers driving them require a little more attention than they would like to give. You would be smart to chose another local dealership, you will thank me later....
Don't purchase tire and rim protection plan from them. They out source it to Safe Guard and it's a hell trying to get claim approved from them. I been waiting for over two month to get reimbursement from them because they don't have my information in their system. Safe Guard haven't received payment from Century West...
Be wear worst place to lease car Im not happy with my car at all, I fell like I make big mistake by leasing from them the they change the price on contract last minute. I'm paying much more over price on my lease.I really fell ripped off and totally hate my car I'm stock with this care for 1 more year. They just want to sell a car they don't care if you happy or not, they make you come all they way to dealership by when you there and wast good amount of time they change there world thats there tactic of selling a car with high price
Absolutely the worst experience in my life! These people are shysters! The sales person lacked experience and made a HUGE error in the pricing and then refused to even acknowledge his error. He could have at least apologized. The sales manager had a big attitude and told us he had already met his quota so did not care if we bought the car or not. I told them I would buy the car, just wanted them to acknowledge their error. They said NO and we left at 8PM on a Sunday evening with no car! We bought similar car 20 miles away the next day but feel the world needs to know the tactics of this dealership is not good. The bait and switch tactics, changing prices on the contract, etc don't work in today's market place.
Does not cover warranty claims on brand new Bmw M6 vehicles with only 30,000 miles.
It is perhaps the worst dealership I have ever been to when it comes to service!!!!!! They are nice to you when they are selling you the car, but once you buy your car, its downhill from there on.... Too many problems to name all, but as far as getting your car serviced on time and properly the worst place to go.... Costumer service doesn't exist in that dealership nor costumer satisfaction!! If I knew what I know now, I would have never bought my car from them in the first place......... They are fake and lie to you all the time!!!
Could be perhaps the worst dealership in Southern California (Beverly Hills BMW is a close second). They always try to nickel and dime you with lease deals, invoice pricing and etc. They put up a great, fantastic believable front when you're shopping for a car and once the numbers are run you understand the true sliminess of the car salesmen. I've been driving BMW's and Mercedes for over 20 years and have never dealt with a more sleazy group of individuals than Century West (with all due respect, 99.99% of all car dealers are the epitome of sleaze so this is nothing new). Stay away. Go anywhere else (skip Beverly Hills) and other dealers will take care of you.
Service department un-professional. Went in for service and all they can do is find all the faults with my car. They wanted over 450.00 to service (change oil and filter) on my 2008 m3. I can have the same work done in Encinitas for 240.00. I would not recommend this BMW dealership.
The guys in the parts department are very nice and helpful. The service guys and the service manager get a negative rating. I needed a tune-up, just look at my engine and tune some stuff up, change the oil and filters, just give me a tune up please. NO, they wanted $1,000 for a major servicing or nothing, can you believe this? they were calling the shots. I told them that I was on my way to Hawaii next month and couldn't drop that much money right now but could they just give me a basic tune up and I'd come back later for the rest of the ass-raping? The answer? "your keys are in your car, goodbye". Then the service guy stormed off and left me standing there like I had been punched in the stomach. he wanted me to commit to $1,000 "major servicing" or nothing.
EFF you Century BMW, your service guys are the biggest most shady used-car salesmen in the Biz. I wrote a note to the Service Manager asking if this was standard practice....never got a response to my email.
Also, I made 2 appoinrtments using their email form, never got a response. I had to call them and speak to the bitchiest receptionist ever.
And to the people who keep saying "I just got the best deal ever", I bought my car for OVER $5,000 LESS at a dealer in the South Bay than what these guys are asking for their cars, I have no clue how you people are thinking you got a great deal, have you even looked anywhere else? Trust me, you could have got a better deal outside the "LA ZONE" where everything is marked up to a premium to help pay for majorly expensive rents. Your bank accounts got ass-raped if you bought a car from here.
AND HAVE FUN WHEN IT'S TIME TO TAKE YOUR CAR FOR SERVICE!! You can join the line of upset people getting the news that they will have to mortgage their house in order to pay for their servicing.
Shockingly Terrible. Sold my husband a new car, even though he had 12 months on his existing lease (also purchased at Century West). Let my husband drive off the lot, took in his old car in and charged him for the lease "dings and paint" and allowed a new lease on a new vehicle.

3 days LATER, Clint the sales person texted my husbands business partner, (not even my husband) to let him know he couldn't do the deal. Who would let a loyal 7 year customer turn in a car, and drive off with a new car only to reneg, 3 whole days later after financing had been approved and all paperwork and payments processed?

For a luxury dealership this is unacceptable and they did not apologize or even acknowledge their sales person's error.

We are getting a hybrid. This dealership is terrible. I recommend Mercedes on Van Nuys blvd or Keyes Acura.
Terrible- Terrible Service. JOSE in the service department was so rude to me! To the point he put his hand in my face and said GOODBYE when I told him how rude he was. I will never buy another car there based soley on the treatment I received from Jose. Word of mouth is a powerful thing..and they think that they can rest on their this economy- I will take my money where I will be treated with respect. No car is worth being treated like crap over.
Stay far away from this band of crooks. Enough said.
I took my car to get an oil change and when I arrived to pick up my car there was a dent in the door. I asked to speak to a manager since, obviously this dent was new. The manager came out and did his best to dismiss the claim. I showed him my paperwork, with the outline of my car and where they mark for dents. He said they would fix it. One of his guys came out and went over my possibilities; one painting just the door, or the one side- since the colors would not match. I explained that CW did the damage. When I pick up my car, the door was slightly a different color. Two weeks later, my inside modeling on that door came off. CW said it was not there fault. I took it to a different dealership, who told me CW must have broken the mold and tried gluing it on! Its a joke!
Normally, I don't write nasty things. I figure if I don't have anything good to say, then why say it?

I'll make an exception for these guys. What they pulled on me was highway robbery. The warning light had come on in my car and I took it to them for service. Next thing you know I'm hit with a $5k bill for a manifold, but just mentioned that in passing. The big deal was the radiator, which they claimed had a crack in it. I refused to have them touch the car anymore, and when I demanded to see what had happened the guy gave me a look like how dare I question him.

Needless to say, I left after that and took off. That weekend, a hose went bad on the radiator - popped right off. I then it to another dealership. They fixed the car - simple repair, just had to fix a hose (funny how it just went bad after that), and there was no crack in the radiator. Had them check it twice. Nada. I also inquired as to how much a manifold repair should cost... it certainly wasn't 5k.

Lesson learned. I hope it helps you guys too.
I went there because my rear view mirror came loose...they told me that i needed to replace my front windshield...i came in for them to reattach my mirror and they told me to spend 3000 to replace my windshield. thanks guys.
I have visited the Century West BMW's Service Department on numerous occasions, only out of necessity since it is in close proximity to my work.

I was devastated when the Service Department dinged my bumper (quarter-size paint and metal damage) when I dropped off my car for service. This was especially devastating since my car was less than a year old at the time. At first, Tony (my Service representative) denied responsibility on bahalf of Century West BMW. However, I showed himevidence that Marco's Auto Body Shop had completed body work on my car literally a day prior to my in-service date at Century West BMW and that my car had no damage and was in perfect condition when I had dropped off my car at Century West BMW. After persistence on my part, Century West BMW finally agreed to fix my bumper damage at their expense.

Another bad experience occasion was when the Service Department refused to perform an annual oil change on my anniversary month of my car. They indicated that I have low-mileage on my car and that an annual oil change was not warranted. Instead, they only changed my air filter (service as indicated by my car) and suggested that my car appeared clean and indicated that my car did not require a complimentary car wash. I keep my car in pristine shape at all times, and was upset since it had been over a week since I had taken my car to a car wash. After persistence on my part, Tony reluctantly agreed to provide me complimentary car cash, which is customary after each service visit.

I always make an appointment prior to getting my car serviced. There were times in which Tony ends up helping others who arrived a few moments after me first.

Lastly, Tony denies me from getting a complimentary car rental when I take my car in for service, so I end up having to wait an hour or more at the dealer while my car is getting serviced. There was another time in which I waited an hour longer than promised, and Tony indicated that it was because he did not see me in the lobby (even though I was sitting in the lobby the entire time).

Overall, the service from the Service Department is horrible. I would hesitate before purchasing another BMW or would look for another dealer to get my car serviced. On the other hand, I did have pleasant experiences with the Extended Warranty department.
This place has the worst service ever! My husband recently traded in his 325 for a 528 and the service guy put scratches on the back bumper that same day! So we had to drive all the way from San Diego the following week to get it fixed. Their loaner cars are DIRTY! First loaner car they gave us was dirty, less than 15 miles worth of gas and had bald tires where that day it was pouring rain. The 2nd car they gave, was also dirty and even found the previous owner's temp DMV registration the Owner's Manual. They try to weasle their way to fix our speaker which were noticed when driving the car home. They will lie through their teeth. So beware of this place n try to avoid at all cost.
I had purchased a 3 series via one of their web specials. They seemed nice enough initially but this is one of those dealerships that are really good to you during the entire sales process but dismiss you out of hand once you've made the purchase. Stay away from this dealership and go to one of the many competitive BMW dealerships without the attitude.
century west is terrible.

they lie.

i am a medical surgeon, i wanted a cpo vehicle and searched the state for the car/ color and options i wanted when i found it at century west i just took for granted that being a bmw dealership meant something. it did not- bmw does not stand behind them at all.

the lies were small- but here they are:

i was told i was going to receive new mats (even on the contract) and i was given used mats (worn out on the bottom) when i complained they said they would sell me a pair. i did purchase new mats but at a different dealership. the cd magazine was missing when i purchased the car i was told they would give me one, ultimately offering it to me at a wholesale rate. i went ahead and bought one at a different dealership. i drove 50miles to pick up the car and had called the salesmanager the day before saying that i would be in by 10am to purchase the car if everything looked good- he assured me it would be detailed for me. when i arrived at 10am the car had not been detailed at all- i should of just left but of course i waited- and never received a detail.

i mailed a letter to the owner of the bmw dealership and never heard a response.
Stay away
Terrible service. They are the closest BMW dealer to me, but I really can't trust them.
Can't fix the problem, but wants to charge thousands to fix other things
that I think are ok.
DO NOT GO HERE!!! First of all, I feel so strongly about other customers NOT going this dealership that I felt compelled to write my very FIRST review on Yelp. This dealership is ridiculous. We went there yesterday to purchase a new 5 series which they had at their sister dealership. After spending all afternoon finalizing and negotiating the deal and trade-in for our current BMW, we were told it would be ready for pick up the next morning by 11am. NO ONE CALLED the next morning, so we called to find out when it was going to be ready.... Get ready for this...They told us that they had sold the car to another person and had no plans to tell us! Even worse, is the salesman did not offer to find us another car with the same specs. DO NOT GO HERE, THEY LIE!!! READ ALL OF THE REVIEWS BELOW!!! THIS DEALERSHIP SHOULD GET NO BUSINESS!!!

In short, my car (330i) got into a small fender bender. Right after that, my car's transmission started to slip, or as stated by Century "CLIENT STATES AFTER GETTING HIT FROM BEHIND THERE IS A HESITATION AND SLIPPING WHEN ACCELERATING FROM A STOP CK AND ADVISE"

Two days, $170 later, Century West BMW told me the problem was related to my DSC Control system after performing a "MULTI-POINT COURTESY INSPECTION" (braking, totally unrelated, $1000+ to fix). I told the Advisor, Jason Giambi, that I would pick up the car.

I brought it to Prestige Auto in Burbank, two seconds after starting the car, Harmick told me that one of the ignition coils went out. I picked it up the same day for $165.

This place is pathetic. Their auto body predator, Danny Garza, quoted me $1600 to replace the back light and bumper trim when Prime Autoworks in North Hollywood fixed it for $614.41 including labor.

Times are tough but this is like fraud.
STAY CLEAR!!!! I bought my 330Ci there in 2007. I have used them for the maintenance since because of an extended warranty we purchased.. Last time I went in when a light went on and the glove box latch was stuck. Just the latch and the sensor were $1000.00. He then told me I need 3K more in other things they found. Rear bushings and tires, for which they quoted me $2025. 2 tire dealers told me all the bushings were fine. I was told the oil pan was worn and needed replacement and that would be $995. A week after I had the car in the shop, it overheated dramaticallg due to thermostat. A REPUTABLE mechanic fixed the problem for $400 and told me th oil pan was fine.
Century West will never have another penny of mine. IF I buy another BMW it wouldn't be from there.
the absolute worst experience I've ever had at a dealership. Every stereotype, every joke about scummy car repair/sales man is present here.

there are too many things to list from my experience here but i will name a few in order for you to get an idea. first off I want you guys to know my car is a 2009 335i convertible with 28k miles. Still FULLY under all warranty!

- got a symbol for tire sensor problem which I brought in for. I can tell you without exaggeration I brought it 5 times without any results. The last time I went, they told me I needed to get 4 new wheels. (which was true) I immediately asked for a quote and they told me $2500. I took my business elsewhere and got 4 new tires, same brand for 1/2 the price at a reputable company. I then took my car in again for the 6th time for the tire sensor problem. GUESS WHAT THEY TOLD ME? They informed me that because I got tires from a third party, they probably didn't know how to install the tires properly and knocked one of the tire sensors out. Which in case you didn't know voided the warranty according to them. It was gonna cost me $175 to fix! I argued by saying I came in multiple times before my new tires but it didn't do much good. The told me they checked it before and it was just the computer error in the past, and not actual damage. This time it magically became actual damage, but not the last 5 times???

- got a broken panel due to a car malfunction. I was putting the convertible top down and I heard a loud crack. It was a plastic wind panel which was on the convertible mechanic. I brought the car in to report my incident and they told me it wouldn't be covered under warranty. They "decided" it wasn't a malfunction rather a accident on my part. they made it clear they didn't believe me or my story. cost would be $325 for parts and labor.

- rude, unhelpful and very unaccommodating. I felt like I was a nuisance when I brought my car in. Which really shouldn't be especially when BMW selling point is 4 year, 50,000 miles warranty

Every time I brought in a car, they would try and sell me something. either a car detailing or sometime I needed which happen never be covered under warranty.

best of all???

I started talking to one of the employee outside the repair department. He/she started actually recognizing me from my recurring appearance and told me to go to BMW Van nuys. Their exact words? "no good here..go somewhere else"


I brought my car recently to BMW Van Nuys and it was a BREEZE.

I tried buying the broken panel and the parts department asked me why I was buying it. I told him and he shook his head and laugh. He immediate went to inspect the car with me and inform me that it was covered under warranty.

they fixed my tire sensor problem without hesitation and never brought up anything about void warranty problems.

I told one of the techs about my experience at century-west and he informed me that they heard many negative feedback from century west of fraudulent business.

what would you say from my review and the business practice of century west??
This place does not deserve a single star. First of all! My boss tried buying a bmw twice there and they acted like he was not good enough to drive one. So two times they lost a customer and their prices were outrageous! He ended up going to Alhambra and got a killer deal both times.

Second! I bought a BMW myself recently and its not under warranty anymore, and it needs a coolant flush. Center bmw which is walking distance from me told me it was 129 for a coolant flush. Well century bmw told me 159 for a flush with a coupon. A coupon? Where the fuck do i get that? Guy sounded like a complete ass.

Never, and i mean never, go to century nissan. Ive been to every dealer and the one time i called for a parts guy hung up on me twice. Said i dont know if we have the part but i have to go and click. Swcond time was something similar.
This place does not deserve a single star. First of all! My boss tried buying a bmw twice there and they acted like he was not good enough to drive one. So two times they lost a customer and their prices were outrageous! He ended up going to Alhambra and got a killer deal both times.

Second! I bought a BMW myself recently and its not under warranty anymore, and it needs a coolant flush. Center bmw which is walking distance from me told me it was 129 for a coolant flush. Well century bmw told me 159 for a flush with a coupon. A coupon? Where the fuck do i get that? Guy sounded like a complete ass.

Never, and i mean never, go to century nissan. Ive been to every dealer and the one time i called for a parts guy hung up on me twice. Said i dont know if we have the part but i have to go and click. Swcond time was something similar.
Let me begin with my experience with the sales side of the dealership. I was in the market to buy a 2009 M3 and I initially went to my first choice which is New Century BMW in Alhambra. I always look around before I make a buy just incase a better deal comes up. I was already approved my BMW financial for New Century with my credit score of 700. I saw an M3 at Century West and I went there at 730 PM say day to test drive. After the test drive I informed the sales man that I was already approved by their sister dealership through BMW financial. He came back 10 minutes later with an offer from their financing department and they were hiking up my interest rate by 2 more percent. I informed him that I know what my credit approves me for and I want the buy rate. They were also over charging on the sticker price by 6000.00. I have a counter offer which consisted of my real interest rate and a reasonable decrease on the sticker. I went to the bathroom a little while after and I passed by the finance office and I could hear the finance guy laughing and calling me names when he has not even met me or seen me yet. After that I just went home and bought my first choice from New Century BMW and they made it so easy. I saved a lot of money with an amazing 2009 M3 coupe. Go see Anthony Hu at New Century and he will take amazing care of you. He never pushes you to spend more than you need to and he's honest and calls you after your purchase to make sure you're happy and always asks if there's anything else he can do for me.

The service at Century West on the other hand is great. I also have an X5 that I take here for service because of the distance from my house. Fred is awesome! Friendly and honest. He will make it as easy as possible for you.

I remember even telling the sales man from Century West that I understand why Yelp gives them such bad reviews and he told me that it's like that for every dealership. From what I found, Century West has the most negative feedback by far and now I understand why.
I first started dealing with a guy through email at century west bmw. Very nice guy. However I decided at the last minute to go test drive a used 2011 128i. I tried to call that same person I was working with but couldn't get a hold of them.

So after driving about 2 hours through traffic I had the extreme displeasure of working with Suzanne Kingston. First she pretends that someone else is about to buy that same car, talking about how if I get I'll be stealing from right under another customer's nose. She uses that as an excuse to refuse to allow me to test drive the car. The best she can do is she will drive one block basically from the exit of the parking lot to the entrance.

Then when we went to her office she immediately starts asking for social security number never even talking prices. She starts going off about basically that since this is split commission cause the other guy entered me in the system she was doing me a favor.

So when I brought up that I was working that guy on price already, she decided to read aloud all that guys notes that entered in the sales system under my name including one about me being "Stupid". Honestly I don't blame the original sales guy for writing that, since i made an uninformed initial offer.

However to read that aloud to a customer is beyond disrespectul.

I mentioned that the other sales guy told me that he would speak to the owner about the offer I emailed. She began telling me that the other sales guy was NOT really going to go speak to the owner about the 27k offer and that everything he's saying is just to get me in the door.

I have no idea what kind of person says this about their colleagues.

Anyways she even goes as far as to pretend to go talk to the other guy i was working with. When we first walked into her office she said oh thats him over there you were talking to, but when she said she was going to go talk to him about that 27k offer she went somewhere else no where near that guy.

Anyways at this point I'm so fed up I leave.
Never take your car here for service. Fred Binder and his technicians are crooks. I took my 2005 X3 there because the Engine Light was on. Fred told me my oil separator was leaking. Said I needed :rubber intake boot, pressure regulator, vent pipe, connecting line, vent hose, vaccum hose, return pipe along with $891 in labor for a total of $1291. I didn't believe my car needed all that, so I wanted a second opinion. He charged my $165 for the diagnosis, and I got the hell out of there. I went to The M Shop, where they found all I needed was a new rubber intake boot. Total cost was $162.73. The M Shop charged me less to fix it, than BMW charged me for the shady diagnosis.

I will never take my car back to Century West BMW and I suggest you stay far away from those liars.
Im editing my review...They will take your money, however, when you cancel my wheel & tire sevice early...they will not give your money back...Im been waiting 3 months, 6 calls, 1 to corporate and they keep saying they will refund my money back to me...

I go to another BMW to get my services, this place is sooooo BAD.
After my most recent experience with Century West BMW I would not recommend ever using their service department all thanks to the Service Manager. I'm a 7 year customer that will not come back.

I had some questions about the repair. To think he actually stated to me that he would reinstall the broken part. (Forget liability) I called his bluff. At the end of the day we worked it out, however, I was just looking for a fair compromise and he was certainly not friendly to deal with. To be fair Service Tech who tried to manage the situation. That said the Service Manager should not deal with people. Anyway with a BMW with a service request be warned.

When I mentioned to the Service Manager that I would be giving them a bad review on Yelp is laughed and said who cares about review on Yelp they are meaningless all reviews of car dealerships on Yelp are bad.
I was in the market for a Certified Pre Owned 2009 325i Convertible. I found the car I wanted on the internet at Century West BMW. I had a trade in, and spoke with a sales person by phone. He had me fill out the AutoTrader guarenteed trade-in form, and we made a deal for the car.

My wife and I drove from San Diego to North Hollywood (2.5 hours), and arrived at the dealership. The sales person, Serge Osipian, was very nice and efficent. The car had been struck recently causing minor damage to the right front quarter panel, and the driver's seat looked very worn for a 3 year old car. He had told me the car was perfect when we had spoken.

They agreed to repair the quater panel, and work on the seat. Then the used car manager , Ceandy (sp?) got involved, and suddenly the trade-in was worth 33%$ less than they had offered in our emails! He was very rude, while Serge tried to be professional. Then another sales manager got involved, and was even more rude. We decided to pass ont he entire deal, and thought they were pulling a bait and switch type of tactic regarding the trade-in.

The weekend GM, Gary Russo, finally got involved and tried to recover the deal, and apologized for his two used car sales managers. However, we had decided to not do business with them.

Be wary of the used car sales managers at this dealership! They are nasty and unprofessional.
Long Story Short: Secure your own financing ahead of time, if you're a first time buyer, take your time and research the whole process, take someone with you to the dealership who is familiar with the process, don't be afraid to speak up and ask questions

Wow I wish I'd looked up this dealership before buying my car yesterday. Although my experience with the sales person (Leonard Turner) was pleasant, my experience with the finance department, specifically Todd Cho, was another story.

I actually secured financing through my credit union, but when I got to the dealership yesterday (Labor Day) I was convinced to finance through the dealership at 4.9% even though my credit union had pre-approved me at 4.5%. I take blame for falling for that. This was my first car purchase and I was just eager to seal the deal after looking for months. I signed all the paperwork, and when I asked for a copy, I was told that I would be given copies of everything I signed, the following day when I provided my down payment and proof of insurance. Another rookie mistake. I should have waited until the next day, and done everything at once.

So when I came back the next day with proof of insurance and my down payment, Todd hands me a small letter sized envelope which just contained the purchase contract and a copy of the contract cancellation waiver. When I asked him about the other papers I signed, he said I didn't need those. I told him that I needed copies of everything I signed the previous day. Even though he has a copier on his desk, he acted as though I was being completely unreasonable. He proceeded to tell me that none of his other customers asked for copies of the documents I was asking for. He was also resistant to giving me any information on the finance company. His attitude was really condescending and dismissive. Finally, he conceded and had the sales person make copies.

I'm not a confrontational person, so the whole situation really upset me.
I did contact the sales manager, Scott, after getting home. As of 9 p.m. the day after Labor Day, I'm still waiting on a resolution.

Before Driving Out

I already knew the exact car I wanted. I found a match on See the original ad here.

Before I spend 2.5 hours driving out to them I wanted to confirm a few things via email. One thing was the vehicle was CPO (Certified) and the to confirm the price.

We had come to an agreement on the price and Mark also confirmed the vehicle was CPO and in addition also included the date the CPO warranty for this specific vehicle would expire.

Arrival at Century West BMW

I am greeted by Mark Nishimura and immediately we begin looking at the car which is parked right up front waiting for me. I refuse a test drive because I am familiar with this vehicle and just want to complete the sale.

Before entering the dealership office he says there is one thing about this vehicle... it has been in an accident. I am a little surprised though I comment that it must not have been serious since the vehicle is CPO.

Mark informs me that this is definitely not a CPO vehicle and cannot be CPO because of the accident. The sales manager, Salar Sharikandi or Sal, now joins us and offers to show me the damage on a different vehicle that is already on the lift.

The damage is in a non-critical location. I am a little hesitant, but at I am still interested in the vehicle at this point. So we go inside to start the looking at finance options.

The Good News

Mark informs me that my credit score of 739 qualifies for 4.85% interest. I should have done my research on interest rates before hand, so I blindly accept this rate.

Mark leaves the room for about 10 minutes and comes back with great news. He informs me that someone had mixed up this vehicle with a customer's vehicle and the one I am looking at purchasing had not been in any accidents and that it could qualify for CPO.

Mark informs me the inspection has already been taken place all I have to do is pay an additional $2,000 for the vehicle to be CPO. He continues to explain that a CPO vehicle would qualify for 1.9% financing and because the rate is lower it will only end up costing me $6 more a months. At this mark shows me my payment and it's still below $500.

At this point I am not even the least bit suspicious. I'm being charged $2,000 more than we initially agreed upon and I'm actually happy about it.

Mark disappears for another 10 minutes and reappears with even more good news. There is a promo right now this vehicle qualifies for and I will be getting an additional year of warranty at no cost.

At this point in my day Mark is my hero. I can see exactly why this guy has over 20 awards on his desk. The vehicle can be CPO and I am getting more warranty than originally anticipated. AWESOME!

The Finance Department

An hour later and we're ready to head into the finance department where I meet Nancy Lazar.

Typical stuff that I assume happens in every finance department. I sign about a whole bunch of documents.

Nancy tries to upsell me on the Tire and Rim protection which is an additional $2,000 or $20 a month. The good news is that this will bring my rate down from 1.9% to 0.9%

She proceeds to tell me BMW wheels are $1,000 a wheel and the run flat tires are $600 each. Dealers always try to upsell, so I don't mind this and I politely decline.

What really pissed me off about this is when I get home and check Century West BMW's own website, all CPO vehicles qualify for 0.9% financing. See screen shot of their website here.

(Later that night this makes me think back to Mark Nishimura. Was tricking me into paying $2,000 more by giving me a high non CPO price and then magically turning the car into a CPO vehicle? I don't know for sure but I am suspicious after Nancy pulled the same thing. If they're going to do it once, why not twice?)

I will also later find out that the Tire and Rim protection is a 3rd party warranty by a company called Safe Guard. This is not a BMW warranty.

But I am not home yet, I'm still in the finance department and I haven't put all these pieces together yet. So I'm happily signing away documents.

This is where things start to get weird

It's time to sign the big document. The one where I give them my money and sign my soul away.

I briefly leave the finance office to get my down payment out of my car. When I get back my girlfriend is no longer in the office. I will only find out later that night when we talk about this incident what happened.

Mark Nishimura apparently had intercepted my girlfriend on her way back from the restroom and told her that I was signing the last document that I would be out in a minute and he wanted to show her some of the features of the vehicle.

Ok now we didn't go over an feature prior to this moment. I am signing the last and final document so why all of a sudden is it important to show the girlfriend of the person buying the vehicle the features of the vehicle.

Reflecting back on this I suspect (but have no proof) that they intentionally pulled her away so there was only 1 set of eyeballs to catch errors or mistakes on the final document. The other option is that Mark is the nicest, most honest and proactive used car salesmen ever.

The incredible errors in the final document had set my mind.

Why don't the numbers add up?

One of my personality flaws is that I am very trusting. Today Century West BMW has changed this... forever.

In my past experience of signing documents like this the person who is the authority usually explains to the layperson the numbers, pointing to sections saying this is the agreed price, this is the taxes and fees, this is your final payment this is what you will pay over the course of the loan.

My experience this day had none of this. The document was presented to me and Nancy pointed to individual sections and with sign here, sign here, sign here.

I had put about 2 signatures on this document before I said "Hang on a second. I just want to check all the numbers."

I am looking through the numbers and Nancy still offers no explanations for me. But I see one number and it seems really high. I wanted a car for $33,000 and the sale price is saying $37,911.

I know there are taxes and fees and etc. So I ask her to explain the numbers to me and how they all add up to $37,911.

She says she's not sure what me and Mark originally agreed upon so she'll call him and ask him to come in. This is odd to me because your job is finance. How is it that you cannot explain the finances to me and need to call in the sales person to explain the numbers to me.

My suspicion level is rising.

They never answered my question

Mark proceeds to tell me that this is because of the CPO fees I had to pay. I show him the numbers and tell him that including those fees the numbers still do not add up.

At this point mark calls Sal into the office and I ask Sal why the numbers do not add up.

Sal says Mark was mistaken that CPO is not $2,000, but $3,500. But wait, in my chit-chat with Nancy she had said Mark has worked there for 25 years (hence all the awards). How does he not know how much CPO is?

In my head I am thinking why am I even paying more for CPO anyway? Isn't a vehicle CPO or not? I have never heard of paying for CPO. Can someone from a dealer comfirm this for me?

Are they trying to defraud me?

Sal admits that they have made a mistake and says that he will take $1,000 off the contract. Nancy tosses the original contract and prints another minus $1,000.

I am so suspicious at this point I snap a photo of this new contract with my mobile.

I look at the contract and I say "Sal, even this new contract, the numbers do not add up."

He proceeds to tell me that BMW's are expensive vehicles and that getting it serviced is expensive and that I will need this CPO and that is where the additional cost is.

At the same time Nancy whips out a spreadsheet showing me that if I were to purchase this warranty it would have cost me an additional $6,700.

So I say "Sal, me and Mark agreed on $33,000 and including the $3,500 CPO, this contract is still more. Why do the numbers not add up?"

He tells me that for them to CPO the vehicle they needed to replace the tires on the car which are expensive.

I politely explain to him that this happened prior to me and Mark agreeing on a price and that I will not pay for this.

In my head I am thinking "Fuck you Sal."

I notice nancy pull the contract off the table and put it behind her.

I plan my exit

I won't put the whole story together until later, but at this point I do not trust anyone in the room.

Now I tell all three of them "Me and Mark had initially agreed on $33,000 on this vehicle and that I had confirmed prior to agreeing on a price this vehicle was CPO."

Sal tells me that this vehicle was not listed as CPO. I respond "I confirmed with Mark that it was CPO prior to driving up". He says that Mark was mistaken.

Mark interjects and denies that ever discussed CPO prior to coming into the dealership. He started suggesting that it was someone else and I asks if I remember who it was that I was talking to about CPO.

I tell him "It was you Mark". At this point I pull out my phone and show all three of them the email thread.

I show them the entire thread. I point and say "Here is where Mark says it is CPO. And then in the next email, here is where we agree on the price of $33,000"

Sal tells me for the 3rd time how bringing my car into the dealership is expensive and how CPO will save me so much money and that I will need this.

The Salesman (Mark Nishimura), Sales Manager (Sal) and the Finance Manger still have yet to explain why the numbers do not add up.

Time to get out... as fast as I can

I politely tell them that I am feeling uncomfortable and that I will not be signing any more documents this day.

I pull my deposit off the table and stand up.

When I exit the building I find my girlfriend in the car and I tell her that were are leaving... without the car.

She stares at me funny and isn't sure if I am joking or not. I assure her that I am not joking and she gets up out of the drivers seat.

Sal catches up with me and in a quiet voice appologizes and says he really wants to do what he can to make me happy. He tells me that he will take an additional $1,000 off the contract.

I inform him that there is nothing that he do that I will absolutely not sign any contract under any conditions today.

Me and my girlfriend exit. She is unaware of what has happened in the past 10 minutes. I can't exit fast enough.

Post thoughts

I'm home and I start thinking about everything that has happened. This is when I check Century West BMW's website and notice that all CPO vehicles are 0.9%. I think back to Nancy telling me she can lower my rate from 1.9% to 0.9% if I buy the Tire and Wheel warranty. WTF?

Was the vehicle mixup real or was that some elaborate plot to convince me to pay $2,000 more for the same vehicle?

So was Mark artificially inflating the rate to 4.85% so that he could hide the $2,000 cost for CPO by lowering the rate to 1.9%?

Did he lower the rate to 1.9% so that I could be upsold the Tire and Wheel warranty by dropping the rate to 0.9%?

Was my girlfriend intentionally pulled out of the room so there would be less eyeballs on the contract to catch errors?

Saying I am super pissed would be an understatement. I'm a mushroom cloud-laying motherfucker, motherfucker!


Fraud is a broad term that refers to a variety of offenses involving dishonesty or "fraudulent acts". In essence, fraud is the intentional deception of a person or entity by another made for monetary or personal gain. Fraud offenses always include some sort of false statement, misrepresentation, or deceitful conduct.
synonyms: fraudulence, cheating, swindling, embezzlement, deceit, deception, double-dealing, chicanery, sharp practice; pharming
This is my first BMW purchase--2008 328I in May 2012.

The sales experience was ok, nothing exceptional. Definitely not what I expected from BMW.

The problems really started less the 24 hours from my purchase. The day I test drove, everything seemed ok. I asked general questions about brakes, warranty, etc.

The day after, my brake light went off. Dropped off the car, brakes were worn off. When I test drove, the Shaheen (sales person) assured me the brakes were fine. Brakes were replaced at no charge at the next day, but they were dishonest to me about it.

Then, there was a leakage somewhere in the engine compartment that was emitting a strong odor in the cabin whenever I used the AC.

You dont expect these kind if things from a CPO (certified pre owned). They claim these vehicles are vigorously tested and only few make the cut.

To this date, no one here (and I've spoken to just about everyone LaieMarie, Shaheen, the sales manager whose name I forgot, and the service manager, Joe) has been able to resolve outstanding issues.

My seatbelt arm doesn't work. They've made me lose tenths of work hours to bring in the car and hear them tell me the same sorry excuse every time.

These guys don't care about their customers or their reputation--it's obvious by how they've mistreated this one.

Avoid doing businesses here. They'll tell you what you want to hear and then neglect to hear your concerns.

I am giving Century West a bad review. Why?

I have had good experiences (7 years, with multiple BMWs) with them in the past but my last visit so turned me off that I no longer go there. In fairness, I find the mechanics at Century West to be (usually) extremely good at their job. I feel their work is better than any independent mechanic I have used since. However, you have to be informed a little about your car and ensure some steps are taken care of. Each service trip to Century averaged about $1K-$1,500.00 per visit.

-I brought my M3 convertible in for maintenance. The convertible fabric was in excellent condition and evenly stretched, just like the surface of a drum. You could bounce a nickel off of it. But it was opening slower than usual so they recommended new tensioning straps, several hundred bucks. But when I picked it up, the fabric was loose with baggy wrinkles at the windows. When I complained, two service techs came out and told me 'that's how it was'. I decided not to go back for further work after that. Before that:

-I brought in my girlfriends 325 because it was overheating. Service manager said it was the water pump. Being somewhat knowledgeable of these cars I told the service tech to replace the radiator and hoses since they were going to disassemble parts in there anyway. I wanted to refresh the entire cooling system. When I picked it up though, they hadn't replaced the radiator. So my GF drove the car and it started to overheat again, 2 weeks later! I brought the 325 back in, and the service manager says, "it's the radiator." I sharply reminded him that I told him to replace the radiator the first time, and I wasn't going to pay for the labor on this occasion. (He didn't charge me for labor.)

-AC repairs, good and uneventful in prior years.

-Engine work, timing belts and chains, complex projects that involve tearing the engine apart, good as well.

Just be careful if you decide to use these guys, put your requests in writing on their service printouts, take pictures beforehand for before/after comparison, and learn a little about our car to avoid problems dealing with them (it takes effort).
Do NOT go to this place!

Worst. Service. Ever.

We went in to buy a car and they were so rude and horrible. My husband wanted to test drive a convertible, and he was absolutely ready to buy.

Boy, did they drive us away!

They put is with a woman who didn't even seem to know how to work the thing, who had a limited relationship with the English language and who took forever.

Then, after they kept us waiting for 30 minutes, my hubs asked if someone else could help us.

They got MAD at us. The manager started a FIGHT with us. No joke. And we left having the manager of the place yelling at us.

It was crazy. I have never experienced anything like this before. I don't know what is going on at this place but someone has issues. Or maybe they are one drugs or something. It was just weird.

Whatever you do, do NOT go here to buy a car. They totally suck.
These people are horrible.

We went in to test drive and BUY a Z4. My beau was super excited about it, we both were.

Okay, so then here's what happened... the lady who was supposed to help us barely knew how to work anything, wasn't nice and took forever. I mean, forever.

After about 30 minutes waiting to test drive the car... my boyfriend asked what was up. They got extremely aggressive for no apparent reason. It was weird.

Then... we went to leave and AS WE WERE WALKING OUT, the manager came rushing beside us and said, "Sir, you came in here looking for a fight!"

Which was insane cause my guy is like the sweetest bunny rabbit who just wanted to buy a car.

I said to the guy, "Actually, we kind of came in to buy a car..." And he just kept raising his voice. He was like this old fat geezer who had probably never had sex in the past decade but whatever the case is... he took his aggression out on us, for no reason.

It was so cray cray.

We left just shaking our heads and NOT buying a BMW anywhere. Basically, there will be no BMWs in the future for my beau because of this crazy experience.

It's a bummer because that Z4 is kind of nifty but these people really made us feel assaulted for no good reason.

Ugh. Do not go to this weird mecca of customer hatred.
this is the worst bmw dealership in the service department ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can't stand the service and bodyshop is atrocious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have had my car in from an accident that cost my insurance company $20,000.00, had the car in for the paint and the repairs 6 times and it's still not right!!!!!!!!!!!!! calling my attorney to deal with this mess!!!!!! and i have purchased 3 cars from them and this is the way they take care of their customers!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This place tried to rip me off. I bought my car from them a few years back without any issues - great car, BTW - but just after the warranty expired, my airbag warning light went on. I took it in and they explained I'd need to have a part replaced ($1500), and additionally, they found an oil leak that will cost $1100 to fix.

I was suspicious of this because I'd have noticed oil on my garage floor - there were none. So I took the car to an independent BMW mechanic and they told me that there was no oil leak to be found and that a software reboot would fix the airbag issue. Would still cost a bit because of the work required. They fixed it for $700 and I haven't had a problem with the airbags, nor oil leaks.

Century West wanted to charge me $2600 to fix my car. I saved $1900 by going to a reputable mechanic shop. Given the abundance of one-star reviews this place has received,it's baffling that BMW corporate hasn't come in and laid down a mandate for change. This is one of the worst reviewed dealerships I've ever come across... It's stunning, really...
I completely regret buying a car from this place. If you decide to go for it anyway.... Don't get the extended Warranty. They actually have the finance guy pitch it to you. They say it covers everything. No out of pocket expenses at all. Total BS.
Take my advice. If you need maintenance on your BMW, don't even bother going to this place unless you want to unnecessarily spend a lot of money for unnecessary service and/or "repair." If you still have your free maintenance program with your vehicle, your issues will not be resolved.

I went there 3 times for the same issue. During the first 2 times I went, I still had the free maintenance on my vehicle. They assured me they "fixed" it and that it wasn't a major issue. Lo and behold I go there for the 3rd time when I no longer had the free maintenance, they charged me for a useless "diagnostic test" and suddenly my car had all these problems to fix. The time frame from the 2nd time and my third time there was about 6 months. So apparently in that short time frame, not only did my original problem come back, but my vehicle had a whole host of other problems.

If you are extremely picky about going to a BMW dealership for your vehicle, go to Crevier. Everyone there from the person who is selling beverages/snacks to the customer service reps/appointment line to the service advisors are all friendly and professional.

My best experience is with smaller shops who can be trusted and have the same tools these BMW dealerships use. Since a lot of these shops depend on referrals, they tend to provide better service at half the price.
The worst service I have ever received, anywhere for anything.
I dislike going into a dealer and being treated like I'm a child!
Don't go here if you look young. They will treat you like a baby.
Went to the dealer, met Jeremy. Went looking at cars. Told him how much for this car (pointed at the one I wanted), he took me in the office and said, 'you want heated seats, sunroof and ......." I said wait, How much for the car I pointed at and he told me its not done like that anymore. You have to go online and put the info of what you would like and then the price comes up. really?!? So the car outside is just for show? You wont sale it?
I disliked this place so much. He said my payments for the car I wanted was going to be well over $800 with $3,000 down. I went somewhere else. Got the car I wanted for $400 a month and $2,000. Do Not Go Here!
Never ever again will I.
Beware! I had a good experience leasing my first bmw at this dealership. However, on our second car I was told point blank by the salesman that the car I ordered had features it does not. Basic features. There is a big problem when you cannot trust the salesman. And whether he did this out of not knowing the car, or on purpose, it does not matter.

For example, I was told point blank told that the car had Bluetooth for my iphone and that I could play music from my phone using Bluetooth. This was very clear. Not until we had the car home and spent hours at the dealer and at home trying to get it to work did the salesman call me to casually inform me that the car had an antiquated three plug cable in the glove box to play music from the iphone. Obviously no one told us since no one knew. You never could stream music from your iphone like I had been told you absolutely could. Basically, no one I spoke with knew this at the dealer until after purchasing the car and being told a lie. The plug is absurd and does not work properly. It is technology from 1990. Additionally, the trim was NOT what we CLEALY discussed and chosen.

I was also clearly told that the car had no
Navigation, no traffic and no bmw apps-- I was told that I would be able to make calls using voice commands. This was also not true and really disappointing.

Bottom line, demand a print out of all the features that the car you have ordered really has. You would then have to go over a checklist when you get the car that it really has what the salesperson said it had. It will probably be the first time the salesperson actually pays attention to the details.
buyer beware! misreported credit! when my car financing was changed from this dealership to my own bank, century reported that my credit was denied. not true. my loan is being carried at my bank at a lower rate! they caused a hugh ding in my credit by false reporting!!!!!!!
WORST SERVICE ADVISORS EVER! Do yourself a huge favor I waited way to long to do and go find an independent repair shop to get your BMW serviced at. These people are HORRIBLE! I've probably been in 10+ times (how stupid can I be right?) each time has been so bad! And 90% of my visits I go home in tears. They're infuriating, from never finding out a problem with my car while it was under warrantee then after it was gone paying thousands. From always being quoted an hour or two and my car taking 4 + hours for an oil change. Got some paint on my car touched up and to get my car inspected asked for another $300 after paying $1000 for body work. Every service advisor is horrid and trust me since I've seen most of them
None helpful next one worse then the last. Everyone will use scare tactics to try and get you to spends hundreds to thousands more then expected. Saying 'well you don't want your car to overheat on the freeway' (didn't get whatever it was fixed that time, took the car back today, 6 months later and the problem magically disappeared)
Even the scheduling is a problem! Today came in for an 11:30 appt for an oil change and was told "they were too busy to get to my car today" WHATS THE POINT OF MAKING AN APPOINTMENT A WEEK IN ADVANCE. They finally saw the car then said they 'didn't know I had an appt' even though I said it many times. In short, there's ALWAYS an issue here. They are THE WORST! Will make you never want to own a BMW again, every time I leave I want to sell my car. Save yourself a day of frustration and go somewhere else ANYWHERE else then this place.
I have never been so disappointed with a dealership in my life, besides the fact that they always fail to actually fix the problem on my car, they are ridiculously priced and the customer service they provide is absolutely disgusting and no where near helpful at all. I personally can not wait until my lease is over, and I will never, EVER get a BMW again
I made the worst mistake of my life by switching from Beverly Hills bmw to this place. The service department is unacceptable and I believe they have shady advisors who instruct their mechanics to further destroy your bmw so they can up sell you and make higher commissions.
they did a brake flush and inspection about 8 months ago and now my brakes are making that screeching high pitched sound . I have called several times to schedule appointments and my service advisor is on vacation or the receptionist says" I'll return your phone call " I actually waited a week, then a month before I called back... still waiting for that return phone call they tell you they will do

I am gathering every dissatisfied customer and filing a class action lawsuit with the help my lawyer roommate.
I won't stop till every last idiot they hired at the service department is fired.
Hello John C.,
If by offering to "turn my experience around" you mean fix what your service technicians broke while my car was in your dealership's possession that would be great. However, I don't think that is what you mean, correct? The tone of your response is the same CYA verbiage I have already heard from Will and Fred. To say that your "team has done everything possible to address my concern" is just a lie. The fact of the matter is that my radio/CD player was working properly (and was even ON!) when I entrusted my car to Century West BMW's care and now it is not. To say or claim anything else would be a LIE. I used to be a huge BMW fan (even went to Germany to pick up my 3 series) but this has ruined it all for me. Would never purchase another BMW. They do NOT stand behind their products or their work. Will buy a Japanese luxury car next time!
Have you NO shame Century West??

I took my car in for a service & the service guy tells me theres an oil leak & i need new brake pads & rotors. The price...$8,500!!!!!! I gave him my "Are u F'ing kidding me" face & said no thx. I took it to a private garage & they fixed everything for $3,100.

I will never go back to Century West BMW...for anything. Ever.
This place has no shame at all. They are a bunch of liars that hide the truth from their customers. They lied and cheated me by selling a 3rd party warranty without letting me know and having me believe otherwise.

I will never set foot in this place again... A way better alternative would be Pacific West BMW in Glendale
Century West has ruined my view of BMW. Worst customer service I've ever had. Upon arriving, Zack came out to greet us. I informed him I had been speaking to a leasing broker and he recommended the X1. Zack smirked and said "So you're not buying from here today at all?" I informed him I might if we find the car we want. To that he said "I don't mind you test driving this one but your wasting my time if you're not buying here." I asked for his name, shook his hand and walked away. BMW, you lost a customer today.
DO NOT GO HERE. I went for my initial, "free" service call. I got a loaner car, which I used for three hours, filled back up with gas and returned. They charged me $150, saying I smoked in the car and left the car full of ashes!! I have never smoked in my life and had no passengers. They simply were padding bill for "free" service and they will do it to you!

I called service manager and complained. He took my cell number to call me back after he "investigated." Guess what? You guessed it...he never called back (and it's been over a week now).

Either don't buy a BMW, or go get service on Van Nuys Blvd., but DO NOT GO HERE!!
Horrible experience. They flat out scammed me, and then yelled and finally threatened me.

The big problem is they lied about what features the car would come with. The initials on the paperwork were had to understand- so I had asked the sales person specifically if it came with what I wanted- (and what the initials stood for). He told me it had the ones I cared about.

But, when the delivered it, the car didn't have those features.

I immediately called and they told me my features were not coming on due to a 'computer error' and that I should bring it in in three days to have it fixed.

Right before I would have brought it in, they told me it doesn't actually have the features and that it can't be installed and there is nothing to be done now that the paperwork went through.

Whoa. That's why they gave me the run around for 3 days.

I asked to talk to the Sales Manager and asked if I could give the car back (I had not driven it and it had only been 3 days) and get the one with the features I was told this car had if I was willing to pay more and he said no. I said calmly "But I think California has a protective law, I should be able to turn it in and get the car I want shouldn't I?" He blew up, and yelled at me, threatened me and said that I should have been more careful reading the paperwork.

BMW corporate tried to help me out, but explained this is an individually owned dealership- and their hands are pretty tied. They actually advised me to take legal action. Ugh.

I wanted to feel so happy about my new purchase- and now I have a bad feeling.

I was with another dealer (different comparable brand) for over 15 years. They were so lovely, and honest. I'm shocked by this dealer.
If I were you, I wouldn't go here. That's all I can say!!!
When I read the reviews here, some said they yelled at customers. I didn't believe it until it happened to me. Steven service department was THE worst guy to work with. He is not professional at all. This is THE worst dealership I have ever been to.
Guys, there are so many other BMW dealership, please don't go here and have bad experiences like me.
General Sales Manager mr Joseph Malek is very very rude.i went there to buy BMW 535i used cars but they show me new BMW 535i asked me to test drive the car and then when I said I like to buy this car they told me i have to pay $4000 more then asking price...
Never buy cars from this dealership.
General Sales Manager mr Joseph Malek is scam artist....
They try to ripped me off big time !!! Lied about the
Value of a used car and it's value !!
Do not go there they will cheat you!!
Could be perhaps the worst dealership in Southern California . Stay away. Go anywhere else other dealers will take care of you...
This review is of the Century West BMW Service Department. On Thursday, Sept. 24th I took my car in for a control message reporting a "Fault In Passenger Restraint System". I picked up the car later that day after the problem had been "resolved". In less than 24 hours the same control message appeared again. On Friday, Sept. 25th at 4pm I called and asked to speak with my Service Advisor. The gentleman I spoke with told me that my Service Advisor had already left for the day. He stated that my Service Advisor would not be in the next day, Saturday, but that I should bring the car in and someone else would help me. Saturday was not convenient for me so this morning, Monday, September 28th, I returned the car to the Service Department. At the service desk I was told "Well, Doug isn't here today." I said that didn't matter as I could speak with another Service Advisor. The gentleman responded saying, "No, this is a recheck for Doug so you need to speak with him." I said, "It's not as if Doug did the repair, he just checked me in.".........He went inside, came back out and said, "Well, you can leave the car but no one is going to look at it until Doug returns tomorrow." To which I replied, "So if Doug went on vacation for 2 weeks you'd have me wait until he returned?" Absolute HORRIBLE service!!!
I am writing this review based upon my experience with the service department. I few months back I took my 2013 328 in for a service. After I picked my car up I noticed they did not reset the service light in my car. I left it the way it was since I knew the car had already been serviced. Fast forward a few months, I was beginning to wonder if my car was due for service again. I took the car back into century west for an oil change and for them to properly reset the light this time. Both times I dropped my car off I waited for 20-30 minutes before my service advisor Doug came out to greet me.

When I went to pick my car up I noticed a scratch on the front bumper that wasn't there nor was it Marked by the dealer upon taking the car in. Once I told my advisor about he scratch he told me they would have to look at the camera footage and get back to me. After 5 business days and 3 voicemails later I still hasn't heard back! I drove back to the dealership and asked what was going on. They said they still hadn't reviewed the footage. I asked to speak with the manager. He offered to fix the scratch with touch up paint only! His excuse was because the other side of my bumper had some damage that when I got it fixed it would fix their mistake with it.

This is the ridiculous thing I have ever heard. There was no arguing with them. I left very unhappy and contacted bmw North America. They are now dealing with this issue for me.

This dealership is notorious for damaging cars. My roommates dad took his 6 series in for a service and they backed a X5 with a trailer hitch into his front bumper. You'll all the cars in the service department are half an inch apart from one another.
I never find the time to write reviews but after my experience there today I will NEVER go back. I took my X5 in to have a tire replaced which was a relatively painless process. After paying the bill and driving away i noticed the PARK alert was lit up and the dashboard message said "Parking Brake! Vehicle may roll". This light has never gone on since we bought it in '07 (2008 model). Why would it all of a sudden turn on after being in the shop that day? My biggest mistake was not turning around and going back in to show them the light. Unfortunately I had to get my kids from a friends house and couldn't deal with it at that second. I took it in today and talked to Steve, who really needs some schooling in customer service, and he told me the light issue isn't related to the tire and would cost at least $175 just to take a look at it. That's bullsh*t - I just spent &350 on a freaking tire and this light is going off "coincidentally"...and you're going to charge me that to fix something that isn't even broken, im sure just needs to be reset. F that. Now I know why I stayed away from this place for the last 5 years and will never return. Do yourself a favor, save yourself lots of money and headaches and find a great BMW mechanic who won't rip you off like this place does.
I recently purchased a 2015 CPO BMW and spent a lot of money, the sales guy was great during the buying process. The car I purchased had 2 small dings, which I was told would get repaired at no cost at another date as I would need to schedule with the service department. At that time I was very pleased and felt that the BMW experience was great. I returned a week later to get the 2 dings fixed and that's when it got bad. I had a small visible mark on my back bumper and the moron who was assigned to fix it must have used sand paper or something. The mark was gone but now I had visible scratch marks! Terrible! It looked worse than before. On top of that, the hood of my car was somehow damaged during the process. It looked like someone dropped something and the paint was chipped. At first I was told that the new damage did not happen while in their possession and they would have to check the cameras. Obviously "cameras" showed nothing and I doubt they even bothered looking. After expressing my frustration I was told to bring the car back and it would be taken care of and I quote "it will look like new". All they did is touch up the paint! Are you kidding me! The damage they caused is still visible but it's painted over. Not what I was expecting from BMW at all and I would not recommend anyone get service/work done at this location. I will be taking this matter up with BMW North America but overall very disappointed considering how much money I spent on this car.
Very disappointed to say the least. This will be my sixth BMW. Leased a 428coupe.
First time getting what they refer to as a Demo car. Had three months left on my lease but was told this car was an incredible deal. I've had the car for four weeks now. Still haven't received the second key to the car or owners manual. Keep getting told its with an auction company. I've called five times about this.
I took the car in for service after just the third week due to a "check tire pressure light". Service tech informs me the car was in a major accident. I was never told this. I called to complain and was told that I signed a document stating it was in an accident. Do you really think I would have signed a document, better off leased a car that was in a serious accident? The top Manager tells me there is nothing he can do for me... Really?
Very disappointed to say the least. This will be my sixth BMW. Leased a 428coupe.
First time getting what they refer to as a Demo car. Had three months left on my lease but was told this car was an incredible deal. I've had the car for four weeks now. Still haven't received the second key to the car or owners manual. Keep getting told its with an auction company. I've called five times about this.
I took the car in for service after just the third week due to a "check tire pressure light". Service tech informs me the car was in a major accident. I was never told this. I called to complain and was told that I signed a document stating it was in an accident. Do you really think I would have signed a document, better off leased a car that was in a serious accident? The top Manager tells me there is nothing he can do for me... Really?
Bad experience. Very unhappy with this dealership. I do not recommend them for anything. Rude, poor customer service, deceptive sales practices.
****MUST READ****
So, since Century West refused to fix my lemon of a car, I moved up the ladder to BMW corporate. They didn't care that the car had faulty breaks either, nor were they concerned with the vehicle surging forward upon ignition. The person I had email correspondences with kept answering back with a response that a computer could give. I left the car with the dealership and was forced to pay the lease on a car I wasn't driving for 5 MONTHS!!!!! They were happy to take my money. Then when the lease was up they called me to ask where the car was! Yes, they lost a car that was sitting in their lot. They finally found it though. So, if you plan on buying or leasing a 2012 X5 from these charlatans, be sure to ask for a full history of problems with the car. I almost LOST MY LIFE in mine while driving on the freeway but I wouldn't sue and they didn't care cause there was no lawyer. THE SCARY THING IS THAT THEY PLAN ON RESELLING A CAR THAT IS A DEATHTRAP, AND IT'S A FAMILY CAR!!!!!That's small and big business for ya! My dream car became a nightmare that nearly took my life and no one at Century West nor BMW cares.
I would recommend avoiding this location! Took my car in at 7:45a.m. to fix a burned out headlight- took 2 and a half days to get my car back. I was told on the second day that they had to order the bulb- spoke to the manager and the car was conveniently ready the next morning. When I picked it up, the car had black marks all over it that weren't there before, had to ask them to clean that off before I left. When we first dropped off the car, we told our service rep that our passenger door had been acting up the week before, but that it was working fine now, so I wanted them to just take a look and see if anything was wrong with it: when I got the car back, my passenger door appeared to lock as usual, but it actually wouldn't lock at all so my car remained unlocked without me realizing it. When we called and spoke with the customer service manager, she tried blaming us, and did nothing to fix the issue! Service rep Steve was the only positive part of our experience (polite and responsive, offered us a discount to fix the door), but overall, bad customer service from the customer service manager, very slow service, please avoid this location!
I was in the market for a new car and began requesting quotes via email from different dealers. At first I received a fairly competitive offer from Century West BMW but decided to wait a little longer to get my car. Due to unforeseen circumstances I found myself back on the market for a car sooner than I intended. I contacted Century West BMW to see if the offer they previously made me was still available for the car (color and packages). Keep in mind that only ten days had gone by from the time of my initial inquiry to the one yesterday. I was told the car was still available (they would get it from another dealer) but now the price was $300.00 MORE than the initial quote. I was told that "the price shifted due to a program change." Hmmm....that was so weird because I was able to get two other quotes for the EXACT SAME CAR that were $1300.00 less than what Century West offered. And the dealer I ultimately chose also had to secure the car from another location. When I emailed Century West that I wouldn't be doing business with them and called this "price shift" shady, it was not appreciated. Forewarned is forearmed....go elsewhere and do your homework. is a great place to start.
Very boor cars very poor service I have to many issues with my car that they try to ignore over and over again and trying to pot the blame on me because I'm a woman!!!!!!
I'll never go there again !!!!!
First off, let me start off by saying DO NOT GO TO BRIAN GHOSN


I found a nice used 335 at Century West. I met Brian who immediately found the exact car I was looking for and showed me the vehicle. After looking at the car, we sat down and talked numbers. Brian showed me some numbers on the computer and we asked, "How much would you like to make on the vehicle?" He told us he would like to make $1,000, so he offered a very competitive price on the car. I walked away to think about it with my family.

Anyways, to make a long story short, I called the next day offering to come in right away to buy the car if he could get down $500, and he told me he would let me know if 5-10 minutes. Well, after an hour and a half, and numerous phone calls to Brian, he FINALLY picked up to tell me that the lowest they would go was OVER TWENTY FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS MORE THAN HE ORIGINALLY OFFERED ! I obviously was not very happy with Brian and told him that it was ridiculous that he lied to me about numbers. His exact response was, "Well if I lied to you, then I don't want to talk to you." He then immediately transferred me to the sales manager's voice mail. The sales manager called me back and was very nice and apologetic and said BRIAN GHOSN was out of line giving me numbers, but he did not honor Brian's original numbers. This was a big waste of time and I want to make sure future consumers know about the way Century West's sales people conduct business. So if you go to Century West BMW, DONT GO TO BRIAN GHOSN for sales assistance, and if you are working with a "client adviser", cut the BS and make sure he verifies his offer with a manager.

I'm only writing this to protect you, the buyer

And one more time. DO NOT GO TO BRIAN GHOSN
Bought a CPO X5 from Century West 4 months ago. We paid for it on a Wednesday but couldn't pick it up until Saturday. When we took delivery, the car had 400 more miles on it than when we paid for it.

We've had numerous problems with the car, including a broken water pump that stranded us mid day.

Seems to me they didn't do much to 'certify' the car other than washing it and detailing the interior. And apparently had no problem having someone drive it to Vegas or who knows after we bought it.

I'll not be back to Century West. Caveat emptor.